San Sebastian Cheesecake

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The San Sebastian Basque cheesecake is a delectable cheesecake that beautifully combines rich creaminess with a tantalizing burnt caramelization. This indulgent treat originates from the picturesque city of San Sebastian, known for its culinary prowess.

The cheesecake boasts a unique texture that sets it apart from its traditional counterparts. Its exterior is gorgeously caramelized to a deep golden brown, while the interior remains velvety smooth and irresistibly creamy. The contrast between the caramelized crust and the luscious, melt-in-your-mouth centre creates a symphony of flavours that is truly unforgettable.

This culinary masterpiece is crafted using high-quality ingredients.  The absence of a crust allows the cheesecake to develop its distinct personality, focusing on the heavenly interplay of rich, custard-like creaminess and the seductive caramelized notes.

With each heavenly bite, the San Sebastian Basque cheesecake delivers a delightful balance of sweetness and a hint of tanginess, leaving a lingering creamy sensation on the palate. Its simplicity is its greatest strength, allowing the pure essence of each ingredient to shine through and create an indulgence that is both sophisticated and comforting.

Our San Sebastian Basque cheesecake is an experience that will enchant and captivate your taste buds, making it an absolute must-try for all cheesecake enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

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